NK Cells

NK Cells

Solutions for natural killer (NK) cell culture feature PRIME-XV, a chemically-defined, animal component-free medium to fulfill the potential of NK cell applications from basic and translational research to further manufacturing use.

Designed to deliver an optimal environment for ex vivo expansion, PRIME-XV NK Cell CDM has been formulated to provide robust cell growth while maintaining NK cell functionality and potency—without the need for serum supplementation.

The PRIME-XV portfolio of products is specially designed to simplify the transition to further manufacturing use while adhering to global and regional regulatory standards. FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific understands that adherence to a stringent Quality Management System, including a robust Raw Material Program, is critical to ensuring traceability, consistency, and reliable performance in supporting immunotherapy applications.

To facilitate further manufacturing use and scale-up, PRIME-XV NK Cell CDM is available for custom formulation and packaging.

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